Press Release

March 10, 2021

My name is Robert Farrington. I have been asked by my niece, Lisa Prebel, to tell her story regarding the amazing changes that have occurred in her life.  Lisa is a very private person. She asked me to not record her but to write the article as I see fit to do. I am on my way to her new home in Newport Beach, CA. This will be my first visit with her since she has moved in.

I arrive at Lisa’s new home. It is located on Lido Isle. It is a two-story gray house with white trim and a three car garage. The upstairs windows are wide open letting in the ocean breezes. She has told me that it is on the water. I am anxious to see the view. I ring the door bell and am greeted by my happy, bubbly niece and her three hound dogs. Ranger is a red Labrador Retriever, Bella is a Golden Retriever mix and Elsie is a Daschund. They are all happy to see me. As I enter Lisa’s home I have a sense of peace and tranquility. It is open concept and light and airy. I am at once drawn to the view of the water. It is magnificent. Out the back door is a private beach and a boat dock which houses the fishing boat. The sky is a vibrant blue. The sunlight makes the water appear to sparkle. It is a glorious day.

Lisa has set up an area on one of the two porches overlooking the water for the two of us to chat and have lunch. An inviting pitcher of ice tea sits on the table. The dining chairs are comfortable and inviting just like the house. We chat amicably about every day things and enjoy our lunch overlooking the beautiful water view. Lisa has made lemonade cake for dessert. She is a great cook and baker. My belly is comfortably full and I am ready to get to the heart of her story.

I begin by asking what inspired all of these changes in her world. She told me that she had felt lost for a while. Lisa had lived a very charmed life. Everything came easily to her and there were no struggles in her world. In 2009 everything changed. The economy tanked, her father became ill and was placed in a nursing home and there were personnel changes at her place of employment that created tension at work. At that point in time Lisa began to change. Things became more difficult and there were now struggles in her life. This was unfamiliar territory and was not easy to deal with. My happy, bubbly niece became not so happy and bubbly.

Life goes in cycles and at the seven-year mark Lisa decided that it was time for a change. She had been searching for something random on the internet and came across a website for the World’s Laziest Network Marketer. She clicked on the site and up popped Mark J. There was something in his demeanor that appealed to her. She requested more information and signed up to be notified of a class called Master Key Mastermind Alliance. That link came through in September of 2016. She was instantly drawn to it and signed up for the 27 week course. Little did she know what a life changing experience it was going to be for her.

The course was challenging and took Lisa out of her comfort zone. Things in her world started to change almost immediately. The fearless, compassionate, caring, giving, carefree niece that I love so much came back. There was a smile in her eyes that radiated from her heart. She started to find joy in everything and everyone. This was just the beginning of the changes in her life.

In January 2017 she started her own company. She became an independent manager for a company called Send Out Cards. This amazing company was the perfect fit for Lisa. The company had been built on honor and integrity and was designed to help businesses retain and attract new clients through a follow-up program based on gratitude. As Lisa learned by going though the Master Key Mastermind program the more you give the more get. It was pure genius and Lisa knew that this was her calling. Her adventure began.

Lisa excelled with Send Out Cards. She began to build her own Multi Level Marketing team one person at a time. Since it was her company she could set it up just the way she wanted. The team that she built expanded to 250 people. She created an ethical team based on honor, integrity and excellent salesmanship. She chose her team carefully and nurtured it. She continues to teach and helps her team to focus on work during work hours. This focus generated more income and more quality time with their families. She said it is a privilege and an honor to be involved in changing the lives of the 250 people on her team.  As her team expanded so did her level of achievement with Send Out Cards. She became a Senior Executive with Send Out Cards in December of 2018.

Advancing to this level provided Lisa with financial security and the freedom to travel as she pleased. She calls this her Liberty and likened it to the companies that offer unlimited vacation time to their employees. Some people would think that was crazy. Lisa disagreed. The more freedom that people have the more they appreciate it and the more passionate they become about everything. Their work, their life, their family etc. Although Lisa can travel whenever she wants she chooses to only travel eight weeks out of the year. Ray Elledge and Lisa go to various destinations such as Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, Hawaii, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Florida Keys and islands in the Caribbean. These trips always have the same theme. Great fishing, great food and luxurious accommodations. She is ecstatic to provide Ray with total relaxation vacations.

In 2016 Lisa took a good hard long look at her health conditions. This needed an overhaul as well. She began walking the dogs and working out daily. Fast food was replaced with fresh fruits, veggies, lean protein, healthy grains and 64 ounces of water daily. She started to meditate daily. As of September 2018, the health conditions that plagued her all disappeared. She is now healthy and in the best physical, emotional and spiritual condition of her life. She calls this her True Health.

As for this beautiful home, Lisa has had her eye on it since 2016. Ray and Lisa became  co-owners in December of 2020. She shares this home with Ray, the love of her life and the three hound dogs. When she started her business she vowed to get home by 5:00 pm each evening. She has kept that promise to herself. This allows her to spend more quality time with Ray. Weekends are spent on their fishing boat out in the ocean. This special time is relaxing for both of them. They wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Lisa is happy and content with her life. She is at peace with her choice of profession and lifestyle. She is grateful for all of the gifts that she receives on a daily basis. She begins each day with enthusiasm about what the day will bring. I have never seen her so happy as she is at this point and time in her life.

I am so proud of my niece and wish her continued success. Her father used to call her his Favorite Daughter. I am proud to call her my Favorite Niece.