Week 22A Master Key

My silent weekend. What an amazing adventure!! It turned out a bit differently than I thought it would but that is just part of the adventure. I was supposed to go into silent mode at approximately 9-10 pm last Friday evening. I sent off an email to three of my brothers and let them know that I was going to be unavailable for the weekend. I sent an email to my Mastermind Partner Heather. My Honey Ray and the dogs ended up delaying my retreat into the silence for a few hours.

Ray had taken the dogs with him in our Suburban. When he arrived home he let Bella and Elsie who were on leashes out of the vehicle. They wrapped the leashes around his legs. As he went to step out of his entanglement Bella pulled on her leash and took Ray down. He injured his right hand.We put it on ice and I sprayed some painkiller medication on it for him. I felt horrible for him. Since he is right-handed I knew that cutting things with a knife would be challenging over the next few days. I delayed my silence until I had chopped up lettuce, cut up melon, prepared pineapple water and put the steaks in marinade for him. I wanted this to be as easy on him as possible. I kissed Ray goodnight at about 12:30 am on Saturday and my silent adventure began.

I live in southern California so being alone is a bit of a challenge. We have a separate master suite in our home so that is where I decided to stay. I told Ray ahead of time that whenever I ventured out from the master suite that I would be wearing ear plugs. I would smile and wave to him so that he would know that I was ok but that there would be no talking. Saturday morning I ventured out and got breakfast from the kitchen. I smiled and waved as promised and took my bowl of cereal back to the master suite. I ate breakfast and had my silent reading. When I ventured back out Ray had already left the house. I packed up my Jeep with supplies and headed out ear plugs firmly in place.

I had opted to go to a section of beach that is a bit more remote than most of the local beaches. I knew that I would have to go through people to get there. When I arrived I was surprised at just how many people were at the beach. It was approximately 60 degrees outside. That is kind of chilly for the folks here in So Cal. I made my way through the crowd and headed for my remote section of beach. I set up my beach chair, sat down and stared at the ocean. It was beautiful and calm. I could see power boats and sailboats in the distance. I truly began to relax or so I thought.

I was only a few minutes into staring at the ocean when the first group of people walked in front of me. I thought that I had walked far enough down the beach that I would not be disturbed. This was not to be. People did not want me to be alone. It was like when you park your car at a far point in the parking lot, do your shopping and come back to your vehicle to find that someone else has parked right next to you. My Father used to call this The Herd Instinct. He told me that people do not want you to stray too far from the herd. Apparently the people at the beach were activating The Herd Instinct for me. Since they opted to not leave me alone I decided to really observe these people while not speaking to any one of them.

It was fascinating. Although I had my ear plugs in I could still hear what they were saying. There were joggers that went by. People walking solo while talking on their cell phones. A group of kids went by. Each one was on their cell phone not paying any attention to anyone in their group. There was a wife yelling at her husband. There was a husband trying to convince his wife that they could afford to do something. There were people conducting business while taking their walk. Hardly anyone seemed to appreciate the ocean and the beautiful surroundings. This made me sad. There is beauty all around us and most people pay no attention to it. I decided to really focus on the beauty around me.

As I watched the boats on the water I thought about the boat that Ray and I have. We have been out on the ocean many times and I have always enjoyed it. Sitting on my chair staring at this huge blue ocean gave me a new appreciation of just how fortunate Ray and I are to have a boat and to be able to spend time out in the ocean. It is truly an escape from the rest of the world. I watched as a seagull dove into the water and came back up with a fish. The sound and sight of the gentle waves rolling in became hypnotic to me. I began to relax again. I decided to take a walk a little farther down the beach and then went back to my Jeep, had lunch and did my midday silent reading.

After lunch I went back down to the water. This time I ventured to the left where there are tide pools. I was so excited to see what sea creatures were to be discovered. I searched and searched and did not see a single sea creature. Not even an anemone. Apparently I was supposed to continue walking down the beach. The further I went the more rocks I encountered. I found one to sit on and stared at the ocean again. Once again The Herd Instinct kicked in. It was like I had my own personal entourage.

There was one guy who walked past me, came back and stopped right in front of me. He stooped over and picked up a rock. He gave it to his buddy who promptly dropped the rock in his wife’s pocket. I wanted to yell at him to leave the rock. This section of beach is a no collection beach meaning that you cannot take anything home with you. Of course I did not yell because I was in the silence. I hoped that his wife would see the signage on the way out and leave the rock at the beach.

Several years ago I was in Maui by the lava fields. There was a sign that said “No Take Rock.” In Hawaii it is bad luck to remove a lava rock off of the island. People who have taken one home with them ended up shipping it back to Hawaii to stop the bad juju. I wonder if the wife took the rock home and bad juju happened for the two of them. I guess that I will never know.

I left the beach and headed home. Ray was not there but the dogs were. They were so excited to see me. I couldn’t talk to them and didn’t think that I should pet them so I didn’t. All three dogs seemed upset. Bella had her ears back like she had done something wrong. I felt horrible but what could I do. I figured that it would be better for them not to see me so I went back into the master suite. I ventured to the kitchen to make dinner and headed back to the master suite to eat my meal. I had my evening silent read and then did my sit.

My sit was amazing. I received tremendous clarity about so many of things that had been on my mind. This clarity continued into my dream state. I woke up refreshed with a sense of peace the next morning. For Sunday’s adventure I headed to the park. It began to rain while I was there. I listened to the sound of the rain through my ear plugs and enjoyed being in the moment. I then ventured to The Jetty. This is where Newport Beach Harbor meets the Pacific Ocean. I bundled up and pulled out the big umbrella and began to walk out on the rocks of The Jetty. There was a pelican on one of the boat docks enjoying his day. There was a seal in the water with one fin up waving at the world. The boats were coming in and going out of the harbor. Kids were on boogie boards catching waves. It was so peaceful and calm. I could have stayed there for hours but it was time to head back.

On the way home I decided to make a detour. I went and sat in front of the home that is in my DMP that I will own by 12/31/20. I saw the man that will become my neighbor. I sat in front of my future home and did my afternoon silent reading. I drove through my neighborhood. It seemed natural for me to be there. It felt like this is where I truly belong. When I was done I headed home to Ray and my three furry kids.

Ray was there when I arrived. I noticed that he had a brace on his right hand and wrist. I felt horrible for him. At this point in time it was hard to be silent but I persevered. I heated up some pizza and made a salad. Through hand gestures I conveyed that I would bring him his dinner. I went into the master suite and ate alone. I came out a few hours later after my third silent read of the day and my daily sit. Ray looked so happy to see me. He said ” Are you back?” I shook my head “No.” Ray looked sad. At this point in time I broke protocol. I kissed him good night and went back to the master suite still silent. I awoke at 6:30 am on Monday morning and climbed into bed next to Ray. It felt so good to be back where I belong.

Ray and the dogs were super happy to see me. Ray asked if I had enjoyed my adventure and if it accomplished what I had hoped that it would. I assured him that it did and thanked him for accommodating me about going into the silence. Ray does not fully understand the MKMMA stuff but he knows that it is important to me so he is supportive. I really appreciate him now more that ever.

As it turns out Ray has a severely sprained hand and has been in discomfort all week long. We have yet to discuss everything that transpired in my 54 hours of silence. Because of the silence there are more changes coming into my world to make my DMP happen. I am focused and directed and have made huge strides this week. I am more prepared than ever before to make everything of importance to me become a reality.

If you have not gone into the silence I hope that you find time to do it very soon. My wish for all of you is that you find the guidance that you seek. I look forward to reading all about your silent adventures. Have a wonderful week!!



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