Week 22 Master Key

The week of a new Master Key, a new Scroll and Silence. I am as excited as if I was going on vacation. I love the new Scroll. Today I will be the Master of my Emotions. Finally something that explains why we have highs and lows. We are all part of nature and like the tides our moods will rise and fall. This Scroll is about controlling the emotions and that your moods are like the weather. You control whether your disposition is sunny and bright or gloomy and dark. What you project onto those around you determines their response. Sunny and bright or gloomy and dark. It is your choice. Once again just another example that the world without is determined by the world within.

On to Master Key 22. Our thoughts can control our health. This makes total and complete perfect sense to me. I have had many people in my world that seem to be constantly battling health issues. Many of them have tremendous stress in their worlds. Some have issues with their spouse. Some have addictions that they choose not to acknowledge or try to control. I just want to pass Master Key 22 on to all of these people who are suffering. Here it is in black and white. I want to plead with them to just read it, take it at face value and believe that it will work. Even if I did this realistically only a handful of people would actually understand it and even fewer would make the attempt.

Those of us that have made it this far into MKMMA know that it does work. We each chose the life that we have. Whether we are happy or not it was our choices that have carried us to exactly where we are in our lives. This week we were asked to take another leap of faith. This time we were asked to make time to go into the Silence. We are to separate from our family and friends, disconnect from technology and just be alone. No television, no radio, no computers, no cell phones, no conversations with another human being and no talking to yourself. The only reading that is to be done is The Greatest Salesman and the Master Keys.

Whoo hoo!!! We get to take a step back from society and be alone with our thoughts. This is like doing the steroid version of our daily 15 minute sits. Time to be alone with our thoughts. Promises of Monkey Brain at first and then clarity. This is going to be amazing!! We all know that it will be amazing and life altering but how will our family and friends react? Surprised, shocked, looks of disbelief. They might even think that we are a bit crazy. It doesn’t matter. I for one am so looking forward to going into the Silence. I am going into this as if I get to step into a kinder, gentler, less complicated world.

When I was a teenager we had an assignment in school. Our group was reading Walden Pond by Henry David Thoreau. We were broken up into groups and instructed to spend the night in the woods. There were four of us. Two girls and two guys. We had two tents, sleeping bags, some food and drinks, a couple of rolls of toilet paper and supplies to make a fire. We set off on our adventure. I remember how serene it was to be in the woods away from the world.

I grew up in Ohio so we didn’t have to go far to find a wooded area. Our chosen spot actually had a pond. We were off on our big adventure. No television, no radio and no phones. We set up camp and built a fire. It was sunny but chilly. A few hours  after we arrived the weather turned for the worse. It began to rain. All four of us climbed into one tent and attempted to stay warm. Strength in numbers and more body heat. It definitely was a bonding experience for all of us.

What I remember is how calm I felt when we came back to civilization. I felt closer to those that I had shared the experience with. I felt grateful for all of the modern conveniences that I had. I came back from our adventure in the woods with a greater appreciation for everything. What an amazing experience!!

I am looking forward to discovering what my time in the Silence will bring to me. My adventure starts tomorrow evening. This time I will have a roof over my head and no warm body to cling to if it gets cold. I have extra blankets, plenty of food, plenty of toilet paper, indoor plumbing and a big cozy bed to sleep in. My Honey Ray and the three dogs will not be part of my adventure. It is me, myself and I. My adventure begins and I cannot wait to see what new exciting things it brings into my world. I will let you know all about it next week. Until then have an amazing week!!

Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

2 thoughts on “Week 22 Master Key”

  1. Nature as healer. Being with myself. I truly get to know myself and how I think, feel and believe life to be. I love this scroll as well. I love your energy and your being here…bravo Lisa!! 💜

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  2. I haven’t been “unplugged” from phone or computer this afternoon, but there hasn’t been any background noise as I do some catching up on blogging, blog reading, training and I’ve enjoyed the sound of the wind outside. I can hardly wait to “go dark” myself.

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