Week 20 Master Key

This has been the week of curve balls. It is now Sunday 2/19/17. I have just finished our Sunday class with Mark and Davene. I am totally behind schedule. This blog should have been completed by Friday 2/17/19. My survey for the last week’s class was late being turned in. Some of my tangible and intangible things for this class did not get handled. However I am back on track as this week’s survey has already been sent through the airwaves to Kauai. So what happened?

My youngest brother was rushed to the hospital early Monday morning. After three very stressful days my family was informed that he is going to be fine. I went back to work on Monday and discovered that I should have stayed off of my foot for a bit longer after surgery. I stayed extra late at work on Wednesday  to help a self-centered client get the information that he needed just to have him turn around and make my co-workers lives miserable the following day. We had a major storm that hit California that dropped huge amounts of rain, created chaos, power outages and deaths. Work requested that I stay home on Friday. They were concerned that I would potentially slip and hurt myself with all of the rain. This puts me behind schedule for next week. Pay day was Friday and somehow my paycheck never got processed. It was one challenge after another.  However I have discovered that there are many rainbows that appeared when the chaos calmed down.

This is what I learned about myself this week:

I need to be very diligent in making sure that my old Blueprint does not take over.

The Gal in the Glass can be very forgiving.

Sometimes it is alright to take a short break from your daily routine.

Going above and beyond the call of duty for some people is not worth my time or energy.

Hours spent in front of the TV while being a bit immobile could have better spent on something that would help advance my DMP.

A guilty conscience is not something that I will allow myself to have.

I became a great observer of my personal and business surroundings.

I realized the importance of living each day as if it my last.

Most importantly I really missed my daily routine which included all of the MKMMA stuff.

The good news is that my head is back in the game. I am more focused and directed than ever before. I have an amazing life ahead of me with unlimited possibilities to turn into realities. One last thing. We need to be grateful for those curve balls that life throws at us. It makes us stop and think and truly appreciate this amazing world that we are so fortunate to be a part of.

Have a wonderful week!!


Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

3 thoughts on “Week 20 Master Key”

  1. Bravo, A week like that might of had people dropping like flies and you are soaring above it all with renewed determination and new peptides. Thank you for your transparent blog. Rock on Lisa, you’ve got this! 💜👍🏼🗝

    Liked by 1 person

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