Week 18 Master Key

This has been my week of re-evaluation. I have always considered myself to be a keen observer of things that are going on around me. Something has changed in me. I seem to now be a super keen observer. I think that it is because I truly care about those around me. I believe that some of these things have been going on for a while. Maybe I was just so caught up in my own little world that I did not take the time to notice these things. This is what I have observed this week.

There are many people who look downright drained of their energy. There is much frustration and heartache. People seem to be in a state of despair. There are those who are combative because someone else does not agree with their views. This is only a small part of the world. I have been trying daily to find the good things that are going on. In my previous blog I wrote about playing The Glad Game. Always finding a reason to be glad even if something happened that was not good.

Today I read an article about a nanny that gave up part of her liver so that the little girl who was in her care would live. I read about a little girl that was dying from cancer that wanted a cat. Her parents got a cat for her from a local rescue. The cat provided comfort for the child before she died and is now providing comfort for her grieving parents. I also read about a company called Love Your Melon. They are an apparel company that is dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America and supporting the fight against pediatric cancer.

I am finding wonder and amazement in how much good there truly is in the world. We are so conditioned to hearing bad news and seeing it on television that I think that we become jaded. The other part of my discover has been in reading obituaries. I live in Orange County in Southern California. Our local paper has at least 20 obituaries in the Sunday Edition. Some are just a few lines and some are as big as 1/8 of the page. In a newspaper with such a large amount of readers I am sure that these obituaries can be quite costly to put in this newspaper. Regardless of the amount of words written each of these people was loved by someone or many someones.

The more obituaries I read the more I want to change some things in my world. There are parts of my life that are truly wonderful and there are parts that need some improvement. Some things have gotten pushed aside due to lack of time. This week the reading was changed to Scroll V. The whole scroll is about living each day as if it is your last. Not looking back at yesterday and not looking forward to tomorrow. It made me think an awful lot about things that I am doing in my life. Things that get pushed off to the next day or the following week. Time that has been wasted on regrets from the past. Idle time reading something obscure on the computer. These things must all change in my world immediately.

What if this was truly my last day on this planet? Would I regret how my last day went? Would the love of my life Ray know how important he has been to me and how much I truly love him? Would my family, friends and co-workers know how much they were loved and appreciated by me? Honestly I do not have the answer to these questions. What I do know is that from this day forward I will make sure that I have no regrets, that the people who are in my world know how important they are to me, and that those that I love never think for one minute that I have anything but love in my heart for them.

This has been a wonderful journey being part of MKMMA. I have enjoyed reading the blogs of others and watching their journeys unfold. We have lost some along the way. Hopefully they will rejoin us in the future. For those of us that remain we will do wonderful things in this world. We know that the world without comes from the world within. What are you going to do to make your world without something truly amazing and wonderful?

Until next week…

Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

3 thoughts on “Week 18 Master Key”

  1. You are a beautiful spirit and I love that you seem to write about the very things I have thought about recently. My wife and I never part ways or go to sleep without me telling her that I love her. Reading the obituaries has been an eye opener for me as well because I actually read what I have suspected, which is that people live for 60,70,80, or even 90+ years and are so caught up in their lives and families, that there is no mention of helping others who are suffering. I like to think that I can do more. Thanks for always being real.

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