Week 17 Master Key

When I originally wrote out my 13 weeks of the Franklin Makeover I chose to be aware of imagination for this week. I changed that at the beginning of this week to be on the lookout for those taking initiative. I felt that this would be a slightly easier task. Mark J said that as we go through each week that it would become easier to spot these things. Moving my quest for imagination farther down the line made sense to me. Hence I decided to make it an easy week for myself. Boy was I surprised.

I am very good at taking initiative. I set my mind on doing something and make it happen. There was no surprise there. The surprise came in trying to find others taking initiative. This was extremely hard to find. I looked everywhere and found very little this week. It seems that people are content to let others think for them. It didn’t matter the age or occupation of the person. It just seems to be a general condition of the world right now.

I thought about this long and hard. What has happened to our world? Why are people content to be led around and told how to act and what to think? I pondered these questions for a while and this is what I came up with. We are in the age of social media. This can be wonderful or it can be terrifying. There are those that want their five minutes of fame and use social media for that. There are others who have been burned by social media. Lives have been destroyed by social media. People have taken their lives after being bullied on social media. Simple phrases have been taken out of context and scrutinized by others. The worth of an individual can be shattered by one shameful act that is put out into the world.

The other part is reality television. Society has gravitated to looking for the worst in people rather than looking for the best in them. People celebrate when others fail and are thrilled to put others down. They cheer when fights break out on the Jerry Springer show or when a celebrity has a fall from grace. The bigger the shock factor the higher the ratings. This is not the world into which I was born and this is not how I choose to live my life.

On my quest for taking initiative I found that the people of this world respond extremely well to kindness. It is as if kindness gives them permission to take the initiative. They feel safe and secure and are willing to take the risk with you if you have shown them some kindness. This is amazing to me. Once I realized this I put my new course of action into play. Everyone that I was kind to stepped up to the plate and starting taking initiative. I could tell that they really wanted to please me. It did. It pleased me very much. I returned the favor by genuinely thanking them for what they had done for me. As we parted ways everyone seemed happy including me. Both of our days were a bit brighter all because of a small act of kindness.

Be kind to others and see the amazing things that happen. Have a beautiful and blessed week!!

Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

2 thoughts on “Week 17 Master Key”

  1. Kindness opens door for dreams comes true. If we want something we need to be kind… I now have in my head Giving and receiving card… And I must say, maybe you didn’t noticed about yourself – but you are great observer 😀 😀

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