Week 15 Master Key

Self-Control and Gratitude are the themes of my week. I am becoming a very keen observer of the world that I am so fortunate to be a part of. I am focused and directed at the tasks at hand. This week we were asked to observe self-control on the part of others including animals. As I currently have three dogs in the house with three different personalities it was not hard to do. We have a dog that is staying with us for six months. Elsie will be going to her new home in Australia in approximately five months. In the meantime she is our guest in our home. The other two dogs, Ranger and Bella, are less than thrilled that she is here. There has been snarling and growling and lots of stares with daggers shooting from their eyes. It has been an interesting adventure for all of us.

Last week our two permanent dogs got new beds. They are comfy orthopaedic beds with thick cushions. They have become very possessive of their new beds and are not willing to share with Elsie. I decided to move Elsie’s bed over to my side of the bed so that I could move Ranger’s bed closer to the night stand. Last night when Bella came into the bedroom to climb into her new comfy bed she saw that Elsie’s bed had been moved and was now infringing on Bella’s space. Bella stopped dead in her tracks. She did not snarl or growl. She just stared in disgust at Elsie. I coaxed Bella to the side of my bed for a belly rub. She obliged but kept her eye on Elsie the whole time. When her belly rub was done she went and laid on the floor not on her comfy bed. I thought for sure that she would have climbed on her bed but she did not. Somewhere in the middle of the night comfort won out over her anger. I was surprised and impressed with Bella’s self-control.

On to Ranger. After Elsie got up this morning she wandered back to the bedroom. She climbed onto Ranger’s new bed. He sauntered down the hallway to go to the bedroom and found Elsie on his bed. He too was less than thrilled. He did not try to move her or bump her off of the his bed. He sat on the floor and stared at her. I went into the bedroom and moved her to her own bed. Before I could get to the other side of the bed Ranger had already reclaimed his bed. Since Ranger is such a mellow dog I was not surprised by his self-control. I was just duly impressed.

On to Gratitude. I have been very focused on being grateful for everything in my life. The gratitude cards are flowing freely. I enjoy going through the cards and reliving those events. I am appreciating them more and more as I go through the cards. What a nice reminder of how giving the world can truly be. In the news there is so much negativity. Here in the Los Angeles area we don’t have very many feel good stories on the news. What a wonderful change of pace. Thanks Mark and Davene for inspiring such a wonderful week for me.

Have an amazing week!!

Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

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