Week 14 Master Key

The movie that I chose to watch this week was October Sky. I chose it because I had not seen the movie and wanted to embrace it with open eyes. My Honey, Ray, agreed to watch it with me. I did not realize that he had seen it before. Ray has been involved with the Aerospace Industry for many years and has been to SpaceX numerous times. I knew that it would be interesting for him. His Mom who is visiting from AZ also watched the movie with us.

To the two of them it was a good, wholesome, nice movie that was based on a real story. For me it was something entirely different. The Master Key Mastermind Alliance has taught me to look for things that others may not see. I will find time in the near future to watch this movie again. If I ever have any doubts about my Definite Major Purpose in Life this movie will definitely put me back on track.

The timing of watching October Sky could not be more perfect. This holiday season has been different than any other one in my past. Typically at this time of the year I am very stressed. Most of that is caused by trying to please others. After all it is the holidays and the end of the year. This is always a busy time of the year for me at work which of course just adds more stress. This year was different. When our out of town visitors arrived at our home I informed them that I would be spending less time with them this year. I explained that I was taking the Master Key Mastermind class and that there were certain requirements that needed to be met each week. I was unwilling to not meet those requirements. They were very understanding and everyone has been very accommodating. I am very grateful for this.

That being said my entire life has been bounced around due to the holiday season and trying to accommodate my clients before the end of the year. Throw in the mix that Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn is also adding to the the chaos. I have been scouring the internet seeking answers regarding this feeling of being off balance in my world. Here is the best that I could find to sum up my situation:

With Mercury’s Retrograde in Capricorn, we have the opportunity to carefully re-think our ambitions, practical necessities, status-seeking, and material wealth as that can be balanced with how we use time; for example, including daily meditation, physical exercise, our emotional foundation, and family time.

This particular Mercury Retrograde requires greater attention to the purposeful use of time and greater self-control in interactions and eating – are we eating to live or living to eat? We will all have to be more careful about the words we use and the inclination to add more ego-importance to self-expression than the use of tact, self-control, and diplomacy.

That explains it. You see I have been feeling a bit angry this week. Not with Ray or our visitors. I have been angry with myself. I feel that no matter how well I schedule my time there are things that are interfering with my duties to please the Gal in the Glass. There are days when she has been put on the back burner until late in the day. This made me angry until I realized one thing. Everything that I am doing is now truly a habit. These are things that are firmly ingrained in my world. I feel off kilter if my readings, sits and exercises are not being done in a timely fashion. I know that this is my new reality and I have now become very protective of it. I had no idea 14 weeks ago how much my world was going to change. I am so grateful that it has.

Back to October Sky. Homer Hickam. An amazing determined unassuming Hero for Coalwood, WV. The Rocket Boy who would not give up his dream. For those of you who watched a different movie you should consider watching October Sky. This young man living in a coal town had decided that he wanted a different future than everyone around him. When Sputnik was orbiting the Earth Homer’s whole world changed. He decided that he wanted to design a rocket yet he knew nothing about doing that. He announced to his family that he was going to design a rocket. He didn’t get much support. He told his friends. They also did not know anything about designing a rocket. When he told his friends that he was going to talk to the nerdiest kid in school who knew a lot about rockets they discouraged him from doing so. Homer didn’t care and did it anyway. He had a Definite Major Purpose ad was not going to let anything interfere with reaching his goal.

Homer, his two friends and the nerdy guy all banded together to build this rocket. They masterminded and sought the advice and help of others outside of their group. They had some successes and some failures. Homer continued to pursue his dream though disappointments, setbacks and getting arrested for something that the boys did not do.. He had to put his dream on hold to work in the coal mines when his Father was injured. Throughout this time his dream never disappeared. When his Father was able to go back to work Homer continued to pursue his dream against his Father’s wishes. The whole town was cheering the four boys on but not Homer’s Dad.

The four boys ended up winning the local science fair and Homer headed off to Indianapolis for the National Science Fair. While he was there someone stole parts of his display. Still Homer did not give up. He contacted the people in his hometown and asked for help. They replaced the most important piece that had been stolen. The town banded together to help the Rocket Boys. They ended up winning the National Science Fair. When Homer returned home he thanked his Father because he too had helped to get that important piece to Homer.

In the end there was one more rocket to shoot off. This rocket was named Miss Riley for the teacher that had continued to encourage the boys. Homer had asked his Father if he would like to attend the launch. The four boys went to their launch area but before launching Homer chose to speak to the crowd. He thanked everyone who had helped make this happen. He was truly grateful for everyone’s support. His Father showed up right before the launch and Homer asked his Dad (his Hero) if he would like to do the honors and push the button. His Dad obliged. The rocket launched and Father and Son bonded.

Homer and his three friends all made it out of Coalwood, WV. They all got scholarships, graduated college and went on to have wonderful lives away from Coal Mining. This heartwarming story had so many of the things that we are being taught in our MKMMA class. DMP, POA, MMA, PMA. It was a lovely movie. I hope that you make time to watch it. One last thing. Homer Hickam went on to work for NASA. He worked in spacecraft design and trained astronauts. This is Rocket Boy Homer:

Homer Hickam.jpg

I hope that you enjoyed his story.

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