Week 13 Master Key

Peppering others with positivity. This has been my theme this week. I met up with an old friend this past Saturday. She had just completed a one hour meeting. We had about an hour together while my other friend was in her meeting. I took this time to talk about my MKMMA class and all of the positive effects that it is having on me. My friend Mary who has known me for 28 years said that I was radiating joy and positivity. At the end of the hour she told me that she knew that there was a reason that she was having a meeting today and thought that she knew why she was attending the meeting. As it turned out she really needed my peppering of positivity. She had been around too many negative people recently and was feeling a bit out of sorts. She felt so much better after our conversation.

After that I decided to pepper everyone that I encountered this week with positivity. As we all know the holiday season can be challenging for some people. Sometimes we cannot tell who those people are. I decided to not take any chances. Everyone was going to get peppered. Lots of smiles, lots of joy and lots of happiness radiating from me. The feelings that this invoked in me were absolutely amazing!! One small act can change someone’s day and that someone might be you.

Since I am unable to pepper you in person here are some positivity phrases to pepper you via the airwaves:

Image result for positivity quotes

Image result for positivity quotes

Image result for positivity quotes

Image result for positivity quotes

Image result for positivity quotes

Image result for positivity quotes

Image result for positivity quotes

I wish each and everyone one of you a wonderful holiday season!!

Merry Christmas!!

Happy Hanukkah!!

Happy Kwanzaa!!

Until next week…


Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

8 thoughts on “Week 13 Master Key”

  1. I really like the “Positivity Pledge”~ Oh and I got the mental picture of you walking around with a pepper shaker in your hand, sprinkling over everyone’s heads. They sneeze, smile and turn to you with a “Thank You”! Don’t ask me why I pictured that, but it made me laugh.

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  2. Beautiful Lisa, I pepper you back with love, joy and positivity. If feels good when I can express these vibrations to others and myself. I feel you, very inspiring. Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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