Week 10 Master Key

Changes, changes and more changes. A new week for another Master Key. A change to Scroll III and personal changes in my world. The day before Thanksgiving I had my foot injected with cortisone. According to the doctor I am supposed to take it easy, not climb the stairs very often, rest my foot as often as possible and not wear high heels for the next 90 days. I am now 2.5 to 3 inches shorter at work and am now running around in tennis shoes. When I went back to work on Monday I was a bit apprehensive about what my co-workers might say about my tennis shoes. I dress in a business suit with a skirt, heels and nylons. The attire is the same but now the shoes are different. As I left my office and headed into an area where numerous employees work I walked in with my head held high. I didn’t make it 20 feet from my office before I got my first comment. This guy said “Hey. Great shoes.” I thanked him and felt instant relief. Thus far I have had at least 30 positive and zero negative comments about my tennis shoes. I have continued to hold my head up high and now use the shoes as a conversation piece. I realize that it was just my old blueprint that caused the apprehension.

On to Scroll III. The first few reads were difficult for me. I seemed to stumble over the words as I read them aloud. I didn’t understand why this was happening. It did not happen with Scrolls I and II. Then the light bulb went on in my brain. This Scroll is very different. It is the first time that we are seriously being given direction about our new reality. The fun and games are over. This is now very serious. It is going to separate the boys from the men.  I fear that we may lose a few fellow MKMMAers with this scroll. I for one am in for the long haul and hope you are as well.

I am enjoying Master Key 10. This reading is easy for me. I am visualizing with my eyes closed and have great faith that I will be able to stare at the blank wall and make those lines appear. Remember the 5 P’s. Perfect Practice Prevents Poor Performance.

The Mental Diet is going well for me. I seem to have settled in for the long haul adventure on this. I catch myself back peddling every once in awhile but for the most part I am spreading joy, happiness and love everywhere I go. I have started to receive many kindnesses from strangers. People are going above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate me. I have received unexpected discounts at stores, free merchandise at stores, complimentary food, front row parking spots at the mall on a holiday weekend. It is amazing!! This is how my life always used to be. Charmed and wonderful. I am looking forward to continuing my adventure with MKMMA. I hope that you all will stick around and see where your MKMMA adventure takes you. It’s gonna be a wild ride!! Until next week keep your head held high and keep spreading the love. Have a wonderful week!!

Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

8 thoughts on “Week 10 Master Key”

  1. Lisa,
    I love what you are saying! I see your persistence. I feel your passion for the course. What you are doing is not gone unnoticed. It’s so great that you are getting what Marks saying in the webinars. Keep up the good work!

    MKE Certified Guide
    Caryn Kehrly

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  2. This post is such a beautiful breath of fresh air! Your positivity and love flows from the page and had me smiling, as my eyes filled with tears! I also found the tone of this new scroll very different and at first uncomfortable. Now it is empowering! We are in it for the long haul! I can’t wait to read your next entry!!!

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  3. Lisa, love your blog posts. Thanks for being on this journey with us and being so positive. Isn’t this the best way to be kept busy? I am loving this course more every week. Your affirmations are great as well. Here is one for you….”I am enough.”


  4. I too struggle at times with the old blueprint and the recordings in my mind that it wants to replay to get me to default back into the rut of life as it used to be. I’m constantly replacing those thoughts with “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!” Thank you for your post!


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