Week 9 Master Key

This week everything clicked. All of this hard work and energy is now showing results. I am believing in the process and am so excited to see where this will lead. The last few weeks have not gone as smoothly as I would have liked. That all changed when I read the Master Key Part 9.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. What a powerful statement!! The first time I read it I got goosebumps. I have it posted all over my home, attached to my DMP, placed it in my car and it will go up on my wall of fame at work. My Honey’s daughter saw it on the mirror in the bathroom and said that she wanted to cry after reading it. It is amazing the feelings that the string of those ten words evokes. Wow!!

I had another big change in my world this week. I picked up my print of the Third Chakra. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is the Solar Plexus Chakra. Just looking at this print brings me untold happiness. It is green, yellow and red. In the center there is a golden warrior. The area where the solar plexus is located is white and looks like it is glowing. There are also white rays coming out of the warrior’s right hand. I am in awe of this print. When I first picked it up from the artist I could feel the energy radiating from it. Here are the affirmations that go with the Solar Plexus Chakra:

I love and accept myself.

I stand up for myself.

I am strong and courageous.

I am worthy of love, kindness and respect.

I choose the best for myself.

I express myself in a powerful way.

I am proud of my achievements.

I honor my self.

I choose healthy relationships.

I am authentic.

I direct my own life.

I appreciate my strengths.

I feel my own power.

I am free to choose in any situation.

I seek opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

I am peace with myself.

My wish is that each and every person who reads my blog finds their inner light and makes their world without amazing because of their world within.

















Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

10 thoughts on “Week 9 Master Key”

  1. I love the description of your print Lisa. I love images pertaining to the shaker system and the color plexus or Manipura Chakra has newfound significance to me from the readings. I can actually feel movement within, in this area of my body. It’s such a interesting feeling yet it feels exciting. Kind of like when a baby moves in my womb and I smile as this chakra represents the power of creation.
    Thank you for sharing the affirmations. I am inspired by your experience. Great post! Mahalo


  2. Such a lovely post. I felt so at peace with myself when I finished reading. The one affirmation that stood out for me is – “I am free to choose in any situation.” My old blueprint would take on the victim mentality, but now, I know I get to walk away and not engage. Thanks for sharing!


  3. I also find that affirmation incredibly powerful. I love that you have used it in so many areas of your life. If it feels right to you, you could add it to your audio recording of your DMP. I did that and it adds even more power to it when I listen to it.


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