Week 8 Master Key

I think that I have finally figured out a way to get through the 7 day mental diet. This week was especially challenging. Lots of chaos at work. Much more than usual. Tuesday was a very sad day. A co-worker passed away. Her name was Melba Linnell. I had the privilege of working with her for approximately 18 years. During that time frame I never heard an unkind word come out of her mouth. Melba was raised in the Mormon faith and I am sure that this kindness was instilled in her from the time that she was a small child.

Melba constantly radiated happiness. It was as if there was a light shining from within. The smallest things gave her tremendous pleasure. When I first became her co-worker she was typing on a manual typewriter. She had told the company for years that it was not necessary to replace it. One day it started acting up and Melba was informed that she was going to get a new electric typewriter. The typewriter arrived and Melba tried it out. She got a huge smile on her face. Melba’s world was now about to change. She loved her new typewriter. Every time I asked her about it she was beaming. So pleased with her new tool for work. Such a small thing that provided so much joy for her.

I went to the funeral home to pay my respects and relayed some fun work stories to Melba’s daughter Sharon. These were stories that she had never heard before. I told her about the goodness that always radiated from her mom and told Sharon that I wish to be like Melba. Only seeing the good in people and only letting my light shine through. Sharon smiled appreciatively. She knows how blessed she was to have Melba as her mom.

I have decided to follow Melba’s example. Negativity and judgement will no longer be a part of my life. Thank you Miss Melba for being such a stellar example. You will be a hard act to follow.



Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

4 thoughts on “Week 8 Master Key”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. It sounds like Melba was a beautiful woman who will be missed by many people. May the kindness of her ways live on in those whose hearts she touched. It sounds like you brought joy to her family by sharing those personal stories about your experiences with Melba. May she rest in peace.


  2. Sounds like there is a radiating place that needs filling now that Melba is looking down upon you…and you’re just the person to shine! Know that you’ll have her guidance so the mental diet is now a breeze for you!


  3. When I read your comment where you wrote that Melba was 94 when she died, I believe that her posivitism and modesty give her so much life to live that long! As we know good mind, good body… I believe that was priviledge to know that person and that she had positive feedback on you.
    May she rest in peace.


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