Week 7 Master Key

Success!! That is best way to describe how I am feeling. If you read my Week 6 Master Key blog you will see that it was an extremely challenging week for me. I was once again taken out of my comfort zone and asked to do something that I really did not believe that I could do. I put everything into my blog and something miraculous occurred. I slept like a Baby and woke up completely calm. The answer had come to me. I figured out a way to love the contentious co-worker. I had always heard that if you write down what is upsetting you that it is a form of release. I had never tried this before so I figured what the heck. It was worth a shot. Lo and behold it worked. I have figured out that I love my co-worker for his deplorable repugnant behavior. Without this horrible experience that I endured I would not be seeking the path to manifest my DMP. I would just continue to stay with my current employer until I reach retirement age. I believe that this was never my true intended path in life. I have always felt that I was destined to do something great. I have now put myself on that path where failure is not an option. I will reach my goals proudly knowing that I did everything in my power to bring them to fruition.

This week is the 7 day Mental Diet. I have not started it yet. I decided to take a few days to be truly observant of people in general. I had a leisurely meal this evening. My Honey is in Northern California for work for a few days so I decided to go out to dinner by myself. It was amazing to relax and observe everything that was going on around me. The owner of the restaurant looked tired and stressed. She had some new employees working that didn’t quite have the hang of it yet. There was a boys baseball team there celebrating the end of their season. The coaches and parents looked so proud of these little kids. There was so much activity going on inside of this small local restaurant. There were different types of sporting events on different big screens, kids playing video games, families sharing a meal, happy people, impatient people, frustrated people. It was really quite fascinating to be completely enthralled by all of the events that were happening simultaneously. I was happy to be sitting there calmly in the middle of everything.

Today I had two revelations. I left my compass watch at home. This was very distressing to me. It felt like part of me was missing. Secondly I took a good hard look at one of our freeway signs . The rectangular green signs have a white band around the edge. It is rounded on the corners. The corners where the white and green meet have a green triangle showing. Every freeway sign has 4 green triangles on it. Who knew. Green has always been symbolic to me. I had used a blue rectangle as my symbol for one of my PPNs. I have decided to change it to the green triangle. I will rewrite my movie trailer index card this evening, revise my movie poster and redo the colored shapes that are all over my home. I really feel like this small shift is going to make a world of difference for me.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Have an amazing week!!

Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

4 thoughts on “Week 7 Master Key”

  1. Thank you Lisa for sharing! I’m so happy that your terrible experience brought you to manifest your DMP and I’m sure that this already is happining! I love the way that you are changing coulors and shapes as you feel that other better fits you!!! Always be true to yourself! Great post!


  2. What a wonderful idea to change the shape on your DMP!!! I’m sure that you will be linking like crazy! Also, it must have felt so refreshing to be the observer in the restaurant, especially in the middle of all of the activity. What a terrific way to get perspective!


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