Week 5 Master Key

It’s that time again. It is approximately 11 pm on Wednesday 10/26/16 and my mind is going at full speed. I am anticipating my words for my Press Release. I know that some people are super excited about expanding on their DMP with no word limitations. I have read a few of my counterpart’s Press Releases. I applaud their enthusiasm and creativity. I have decided that my press release is going to be a bit shorter than some of my counterparts. I have a very clear visual picture of how my life is going to be. I am very focused on my DMP. When I was younger I wanted very different things than I want at this age of my life. It is funny how those things change as we mature. Hence the slightly shorter Press Release. You will have to let me know what you think.

The rest of the training is going well. I am still having a few issues getting everything to fit into 24 hours but I am getting better at this. I am having some very unusual dreams. I am fortunate enough to have a found a website years ago that deciphers these coded messages from my subconscious. I have found over the years that the dreams do not generally mean what you think that they mean. I try very hard to not react to them until I have consulted the dreams website. All of these unusual dreams are pointing me in the same direction. I am getting rid of the parts of me that I do not need any more and am progressing in a positive direction. I enthusiastically look forward to the next message from my subconscious.

Until next week. Thanks for stopping by!!

Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

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