Week 4 Master Key

It has been another interesting week with an assortment of new adventures. The video this week really put everything into perspective for me. My engineering mind appreciated the thoroughness of the video and showing multiple experts as opposed to showing just one. Our mind and body are intricate and truly amazing.

The new index cards and the additional color coding are adding a new layer to this wonderful adventure. I had some issues with determining my service to add to my index card. We were instructed to pick something that goes along with your PPNs. I had decided to set the alarm for 0600 in order to get up earlier to start my day earlier. However, my Honey had other ideas. His first alarm goes off at 0615 and then continues to go off a few more times in 5 minute increments. I did not think that 15 minutes would make a big difference to him but apparently I was wrong. As he has been so understanding about this whole process I chose to let him win this one. What surprised me the most was how good it made me feel to accommodate his wishes. No matter what I write in my DMP the bottom line is that without Ray the DMP is meaningless to me. My family means the world to me and everything that I have in my DMP benefits all of us.

My PPNs are Liberty and True Health. This week I am going to ad my service as something that benefits the True Health PPN. I have already spoken to Ray about this  and he is completely on board. I am amazed at the depth that this course is changing my relationship with him. Throughout our entire relationship we have always been very close but something is different now. My appreciation and feelings for him have deepened. I now look at him in a whole new light. I truly am a very lucky woman!!

Have an amazing week!!

Author: lisapmasterkey

Spiritual seeker of higher purpose.

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