Week 24 Master Key

I pondered long and hard before beginning to write this blog. I couldn’t decide where to begin. My MKMMA journey has been filled with twists and turns. Highs and lows. Euphoria and despair. I have learned more about myself and made more changes than I ever thought possible in a time span of six months.

I began this journey in September filled with hope that some things might change in my world. I had no idea what was in store for me. I just knew that this was something that I had to do and I had to see it through to the very end. My initial goal was to get my mind-set to a point where I would be ready to start my own business and to eventually phase out of my current profession. To begin putting in place the various things that would be necessary to make this happen. What I received was so much more.

I have learned that I had much more cement on me than I ever thought possible. I have learned to overcome fear. My motivation and joy in life has returned. I have gotten rid of unnecessary emotional baggage. My Honey Ray whom I have written about in many of my blogs is really liking all of the changes that I have implemented in both of our worlds. He has been so loving and supportive throughout this entire amazing journey. I feel that our relationship has gotten stronger because of all of the changes.

I have met a kindred spirit in my Mastermind Partner Heather Carley. It is amazing how many things that we have in common and I truly believe that we will be lifelong friends. I value her honesty, integrity and the truly good person that she is. She has been a wonderful supportive sounding board for me. I had no doubt that when I asked her to be my Mastermind Partner that she was the person that I wanted to share this journey with. I appreciate her more than she could possibly imagine.

I feel like I truly have gotten to know many of my classmates. I thank you all for your honesty and allowing all of us to be part of your amazing journey. We all had different reasons for going on this adventure. I feel blessed that this wonderful group of people were part of mine.

I would like to thank my guide Deanna Bordelon for all of her assistance. I am sure that it was a big job to have to support so many of us. Your kind heartfelt words of encouragement were most appreciated. You are a wonderful human being and I am so happy that you were part of my journey. I wish you much happiness and success in your world.

As for Mark J, Davene and crew. What can I say. You guys are amazing!! You pushed us to do things that we never thought that we could do. You kept us on track even when you knew some of us were struggling. You made us laugh. You made us cry. You made us think and do for ourselves. You brought us all together as a group and showed us what we could collectively accomplish. You gave us a whole lot of work to do and kept telling us that it would be worth it. You were right. Those of us that have made it to commencement owe you a debt of gratitude for putting together this amazing program. I for one am eternally grateful for the guidance that you provided. I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

The next chapter of my life is about to begin. I have put everything in place to start my company. I feel so confident of what the world has in store for me. It is going to be a wild ride and I plan on enjoying every moment of it.

I wish you all much happiness in the next chapter of your life. Thank you again for being part of my journey!!


Week 23 Master Key

The week of Wallace Wattles and the after effects of The Silence. I finished listening to The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles on Saturday. I found the whole thing to be fascinating. This is what I learned from it:

Whether I change my vocation or not my actions for the present must be done pertaining to the business in which I am now engaged. I can get into the business that I want by making constructive use of the business that I am already established in by doing my daily work in a certain way.

I had never really thought of using my current employment as a starting point for what I truly want to be doing. I decided to apply this way of thinking this week at work. I am not really sure what happened but everything went exceptionally smooth. Money started pouring in. I chose not to let anyone upset me and just focused on the task at hand. I did not waste any time. I just focused on my clients. I finished everything that needed to be done this week and have most of next week scheduled as well. If this week is any indication of things to come my remaining time at my current employer will be much more pleasant and profitable than expected.

My time in The Silence has also had a profound effect on me. I decided to add a little extra bit of silence to each day. I started driving to and from work with no radio on. This allows me to think about my upcoming day and my upcoming evening for 45 to 60 minutes per day. I arrive at work in the morning relaxed. I arrive home in the evening relaxed. I am getting up earlier than normal to go to work. I also changed my morning routine around and things are now progressing very smoothly. As a non-morning person this has been huge for me. My Honey Ray is very much liking the changes that are occurring in my world.

I am focused, directed and driven. I made a minor change to my DMP and am 100% sure that everything in my DMP is going to come to fruition. I have become ultra observant of my surroundings and I now feel things more deeply than I ever have in my entire life. I am grateful for all of the wonderful things that I am blessed with on a daily basis. I am going to make time for more of The Silence next week. I am eager to receive clarity on a few more things.

As our MKMMA experience is winding down I am starting to feel a combination of things. I am feeling a bit sad but I am also feeling excitement that Commencement Day is nearing. We have all been given the tools to make the changes in our individual worlds. The cement is falling off and our Future Selves are closer than ever. It is an exciting time for all of us. I truly hope that you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have. I wish to thank you for being a part of my wonderful adventure.

Have an amazing week!!

Week 22A Master Key

My silent weekend. What an amazing adventure!! It turned out a bit differently than I thought it would but that is just part of the adventure. I was supposed to go into silent mode at approximately 9-10 pm last Friday evening. I sent off an email to three of my brothers and let them know that I was going to be unavailable for the weekend. I sent an email to my Mastermind Partner Heather. My Honey Ray and the dogs ended up delaying my retreat into the silence for a few hours.

Ray had taken the dogs with him in our Suburban. When he arrived home he let Bella and Elsie who were on leashes out of the vehicle. They wrapped the leashes around his legs. As he went to step out of his entanglement Bella pulled on her leash and took Ray down. He injured his right hand.We put it on ice and I sprayed some painkiller medication on it for him. I felt horrible for him. Since he is right-handed I knew that cutting things with a knife would be challenging over the next few days. I delayed my silence until I had chopped up lettuce, cut up melon, prepared pineapple water and put the steaks in marinade for him. I wanted this to be as easy on him as possible. I kissed Ray goodnight at about 12:30 am on Saturday and my silent adventure began.

I live in southern California so being alone is a bit of a challenge. We have a separate master suite in our home so that is where I decided to stay. I told Ray ahead of time that whenever I ventured out from the master suite that I would be wearing ear plugs. I would smile and wave to him so that he would know that I was ok but that there would be no talking. Saturday morning I ventured out and got breakfast from the kitchen. I smiled and waved as promised and took my bowl of cereal back to the master suite. I ate breakfast and had my silent reading. When I ventured back out Ray had already left the house. I packed up my Jeep with supplies and headed out ear plugs firmly in place.

I had opted to go to a section of beach that is a bit more remote than most of the local beaches. I knew that I would have to go through people to get there. When I arrived I was surprised at just how many people were at the beach. It was approximately 60 degrees outside. That is kind of chilly for the folks here in So Cal. I made my way through the crowd and headed for my remote section of beach. I set up my beach chair, sat down and stared at the ocean. It was beautiful and calm. I could see power boats and sailboats in the distance. I truly began to relax or so I thought.

I was only a few minutes into staring at the ocean when the first group of people walked in front of me. I thought that I had walked far enough down the beach that I would not be disturbed. This was not to be. People did not want me to be alone. It was like when you park your car at a far point in the parking lot, do your shopping and come back to your vehicle to find that someone else has parked right next to you. My Father used to call this The Herd Instinct. He told me that people do not want you to stray too far from the herd. Apparently the people at the beach were activating The Herd Instinct for me. Since they opted to not leave me alone I decided to really observe these people while not speaking to any one of them.

It was fascinating. Although I had my ear plugs in I could still hear what they were saying. There were joggers that went by. People walking solo while talking on their cell phones. A group of kids went by. Each one was on their cell phone not paying any attention to anyone in their group. There was a wife yelling at her husband. There was a husband trying to convince his wife that they could afford to do something. There were people conducting business while taking their walk. Hardly anyone seemed to appreciate the ocean and the beautiful surroundings. This made me sad. There is beauty all around us and most people pay no attention to it. I decided to really focus on the beauty around me.

As I watched the boats on the water I thought about the boat that Ray and I have. We have been out on the ocean many times and I have always enjoyed it. Sitting on my chair staring at this huge blue ocean gave me a new appreciation of just how fortunate Ray and I are to have a boat and to be able to spend time out in the ocean. It is truly an escape from the rest of the world. I watched as a seagull dove into the water and came back up with a fish. The sound and sight of the gentle waves rolling in became hypnotic to me. I began to relax again. I decided to take a walk a little farther down the beach and then went back to my Jeep, had lunch and did my midday silent reading.

After lunch I went back down to the water. This time I ventured to the left where there are tide pools. I was so excited to see what sea creatures were to be discovered. I searched and searched and did not see a single sea creature. Not even an anemone. Apparently I was supposed to continue walking down the beach. The further I went the more rocks I encountered. I found one to sit on and stared at the ocean again. Once again The Herd Instinct kicked in. It was like I had my own personal entourage.

There was one guy who walked past me, came back and stopped right in front of me. He stooped over and picked up a rock. He gave it to his buddy who promptly dropped the rock in his wife’s pocket. I wanted to yell at him to leave the rock. This section of beach is a no collection beach meaning that you cannot take anything home with you. Of course I did not yell because I was in the silence. I hoped that his wife would see the signage on the way out and leave the rock at the beach.

Several years ago I was in Maui by the lava fields. There was a sign that said “No Take Rock.” In Hawaii it is bad luck to remove a lava rock off of the island. People who have taken one home with them ended up shipping it back to Hawaii to stop the bad juju. I wonder if the wife took the rock home and bad juju happened for the two of them. I guess that I will never know.

I left the beach and headed home. Ray was not there but the dogs were. They were so excited to see me. I couldn’t talk to them and didn’t think that I should pet them so I didn’t. All three dogs seemed upset. Bella had her ears back like she had done something wrong. I felt horrible but what could I do. I figured that it would be better for them not to see me so I went back into the master suite. I ventured to the kitchen to make dinner and headed back to the master suite to eat my meal. I had my evening silent read and then did my sit.

My sit was amazing. I received tremendous clarity about so many of things that had been on my mind. This clarity continued into my dream state. I woke up refreshed with a sense of peace the next morning. For Sunday’s adventure I headed to the park. It began to rain while I was there. I listened to the sound of the rain through my ear plugs and enjoyed being in the moment. I then ventured to The Jetty. This is where Newport Beach Harbor meets the Pacific Ocean. I bundled up and pulled out the big umbrella and began to walk out on the rocks of The Jetty. There was a pelican on one of the boat docks enjoying his day. There was a seal in the water with one fin up waving at the world. The boats were coming in and going out of the harbor. Kids were on boogie boards catching waves. It was so peaceful and calm. I could have stayed there for hours but it was time to head back.

On the way home I decided to make a detour. I went and sat in front of the home that is in my DMP that I will own by 12/31/20. I saw the man that will become my neighbor. I sat in front of my future home and did my afternoon silent reading. I drove through my neighborhood. It seemed natural for me to be there. It felt like this is where I truly belong. When I was done I headed home to Ray and my three furry kids.

Ray was there when I arrived. I noticed that he had a brace on his right hand and wrist. I felt horrible for him. At this point in time it was hard to be silent but I persevered. I heated up some pizza and made a salad. Through hand gestures I conveyed that I would bring him his dinner. I went into the master suite and ate alone. I came out a few hours later after my third silent read of the day and my daily sit. Ray looked so happy to see me. He said ” Are you back?” I shook my head “No.” Ray looked sad. At this point in time I broke protocol. I kissed him good night and went back to the master suite still silent. I awoke at 6:30 am on Monday morning and climbed into bed next to Ray. It felt so good to be back where I belong.

Ray and the dogs were super happy to see me. Ray asked if I had enjoyed my adventure and if it accomplished what I had hoped that it would. I assured him that it did and thanked him for accommodating me about going into the silence. Ray does not fully understand the MKMMA stuff but he knows that it is important to me so he is supportive. I really appreciate him now more that ever.

As it turns out Ray has a severely sprained hand and has been in discomfort all week long. We have yet to discuss everything that transpired in my 54 hours of silence. Because of the silence there are more changes coming into my world to make my DMP happen. I am focused and directed and have made huge strides this week. I am more prepared than ever before to make everything of importance to me become a reality.

If you have not gone into the silence I hope that you find time to do it very soon. My wish for all of you is that you find the guidance that you seek. I look forward to reading all about your silent adventures. Have a wonderful week!!



Week 22 Master Key

The week of a new Master Key, a new Scroll and Silence. I am as excited as if I was going on vacation. I love the new Scroll. Today I will be the Master of my Emotions. Finally something that explains why we have highs and lows. We are all part of nature and like the tides our moods will rise and fall. This Scroll is about controlling the emotions and that your moods are like the weather. You control whether your disposition is sunny and bright or gloomy and dark. What you project onto those around you determines their response. Sunny and bright or gloomy and dark. It is your choice. Once again just another example that the world without is determined by the world within.

On to Master Key 22. Our thoughts can control our health. This makes total and complete perfect sense to me. I have had many people in my world that seem to be constantly battling health issues. Many of them have tremendous stress in their worlds. Some have issues with their spouse. Some have addictions that they choose not to acknowledge or try to control. I just want to pass Master Key 22 on to all of these people who are suffering. Here it is in black and white. I want to plead with them to just read it, take it at face value and believe that it will work. Even if I did this realistically only a handful of people would actually understand it and even fewer would make the attempt.

Those of us that have made it this far into MKMMA know that it does work. We each chose the life that we have. Whether we are happy or not it was our choices that have carried us to exactly where we are in our lives. This week we were asked to take another leap of faith. This time we were asked to make time to go into the Silence. We are to separate from our family and friends, disconnect from technology and just be alone. No television, no radio, no computers, no cell phones, no conversations with another human being and no talking to yourself. The only reading that is to be done is The Greatest Salesman and the Master Keys.

Whoo hoo!!! We get to take a step back from society and be alone with our thoughts. This is like doing the steroid version of our daily 15 minute sits. Time to be alone with our thoughts. Promises of Monkey Brain at first and then clarity. This is going to be amazing!! We all know that it will be amazing and life altering but how will our family and friends react? Surprised, shocked, looks of disbelief. They might even think that we are a bit crazy. It doesn’t matter. I for one am so looking forward to going into the Silence. I am going into this as if I get to step into a kinder, gentler, less complicated world.

When I was a teenager we had an assignment in school. Our group was reading Walden Pond by Henry David Thoreau. We were broken up into groups and instructed to spend the night in the woods. There were four of us. Two girls and two guys. We had two tents, sleeping bags, some food and drinks, a couple of rolls of toilet paper and supplies to make a fire. We set off on our adventure. I remember how serene it was to be in the woods away from the world.

I grew up in Ohio so we didn’t have to go far to find a wooded area. Our chosen spot actually had a pond. We were off on our big adventure. No television, no radio and no phones. We set up camp and built a fire. It was sunny but chilly. A few hours  after we arrived the weather turned for the worse. It began to rain. All four of us climbed into one tent and attempted to stay warm. Strength in numbers and more body heat. It definitely was a bonding experience for all of us.

What I remember is how calm I felt when we came back to civilization. I felt closer to those that I had shared the experience with. I felt grateful for all of the modern conveniences that I had. I came back from our adventure in the woods with a greater appreciation for everything. What an amazing experience!!

I am looking forward to discovering what my time in the Silence will bring to me. My adventure starts tomorrow evening. This time I will have a roof over my head and no warm body to cling to if it gets cold. I have extra blankets, plenty of food, plenty of toilet paper, indoor plumbing and a big cozy bed to sleep in. My Honey Ray and the three dogs will not be part of my adventure. It is me, myself and I. My adventure begins and I cannot wait to see what new exciting things it brings into my world. I will let you know all about it next week. Until then have an amazing week!!

Week 21 Master Key

This has been a week of revelations. As I read my classmates comments in the Alliances section I notice that many of them are coming up on due dates for their goals. My first due date is 4/5/17. Looking at this goal I realized that I did not give myself a realistic time frame for this to happen. There were numerous events that happened in my world to prevent this goal from happening. I guess that I could blame it on these things. Digging deeper I realize that I did not do enough to make this goal happen.

Saying that you will do something but not doing it consistently will never get you to any goal that you set for yourself. It looks like my DMP and shapes will now have to be modified. I am going to hold off on the modifications until 4/5/17. My reasons are two-fold. First it is a daily reminder to me of what I need to do. Secondly it is a reminder to not look back. Could this goal have been attainable if I had done everything perfectly? Probably not. No hand smack is necessary. This is all part of the learning curve.

The second thing that I noticed in the Alliances section is how my classmates are overcoming fear. This is a beautiful thing. I applaud each and every one of you that are pushing ahead. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. You can do this. You have the power within to change your world without.

The third thing is how deeply I am feeling emotions. I have always been very logical and have never been an overly emotional person so this is something very new for me. At first I thought that I was going through menopause. Lol. Then I realized that it was just part of my new journey with MKMMA. I am becoming like Mark J. This emotional roller coaster ride has really changed my world.

Yesterday there was a horrible accident on a local freeway that involved a motorcycle. The police had not yet arrived. Motorists put on their emergency flashers to protect the other drivers and blocked the motorcycle driver with their vehicles to protect him until help could arrive. In many parts of the country or even the world this would be a normal thing to do. That is not the case here in Southern California. This kindness of strangers really impacted me. I felt renewed pride in my fellow mankind. People that are choosing to do the right thing rather than just doing what is best for themselves. I also felt tremendous empathy for the driver of the motorcycle and sympathy for his family. The motorcyclist did not make it. My heart aches for his family.

I always am grateful for my wonderful Honey. His name is Ray. I feel so fortunate that I get to sleep next to him every night. I woke up at about 3:00 am this morning. There were tears streaming down my face. Ray was sleeping soundly next to me. My tears were tears of joy. Joy that I get to spend another day with my wonderful man. In Scroll V it states:

Why have I been allowed to live this extra day when other, far better than I, have departed?

This phrase really hit home with me. Why did the motorcyclist have to die? It could have been anyone on the road. If I had not been delayed in getting to that section of the freeway it could have been me. I feel very blessed and appreciative to have another day here on this beautiful planet with my wonderful Ray, our furry kids, and our family and friends.

Who are you grateful for today?

Week 20 Master Key

This has been the week of curve balls. It is now Sunday 2/19/17. I have just finished our Sunday class with Mark and Davene. I am totally behind schedule. This blog should have been completed by Friday 2/17/19. My survey for the last week’s class was late being turned in. Some of my tangible and intangible things for this class did not get handled. However I am back on track as this week’s survey has already been sent through the airwaves to Kauai. So what happened?

My youngest brother was rushed to the hospital early Monday morning. After three very stressful days my family was informed that he is going to be fine. I went back to work on Monday and discovered that I should have stayed off of my foot for a bit longer after surgery. I stayed extra late at work on Wednesday  to help a self-centered client get the information that he needed just to have him turn around and make my co-workers lives miserable the following day. We had a major storm that hit California that dropped huge amounts of rain, created chaos, power outages and deaths. Work requested that I stay home on Friday. They were concerned that I would potentially slip and hurt myself with all of the rain. This puts me behind schedule for next week. Pay day was Friday and somehow my paycheck never got processed. It was one challenge after another.  However I have discovered that there are many rainbows that appeared when the chaos calmed down.

This is what I learned about myself this week:

I need to be very diligent in making sure that my old Blueprint does not take over.

The Gal in the Glass can be very forgiving.

Sometimes it is alright to take a short break from your daily routine.

Going above and beyond the call of duty for some people is not worth my time or energy.

Hours spent in front of the TV while being a bit immobile could have better spent on something that would help advance my DMP.

A guilty conscience is not something that I will allow myself to have.

I became a great observer of my personal and business surroundings.

I realized the importance of living each day as if it my last.

Most importantly I really missed my daily routine which included all of the MKMMA stuff.

The good news is that my head is back in the game. I am more focused and directed than ever before. I have an amazing life ahead of me with unlimited possibilities to turn into realities. One last thing. We need to be grateful for those curve balls that life throws at us. It makes us stop and think and truly appreciate this amazing world that we are so fortunate to be a part of.

Have a wonderful week!!


Week 19 Master Key

On Tuesday of this week I had surgery on my right foot. I had what is called a Morton’s Neuroma. Basically it is an inflamed nerve that was causing me a whole lot of discomfort. After dealing with this for approximately 11 months I decided to have it removed. I went to see the surgeon and was truly happy to be there. On the day of surgery I was happy and excited. I thanked everyone that helped me that day and wished them a wonderful day. The staff seemed genuinely surprised that I was so excited and happy to be having surgery.

The surgery was a textbook surgery. No complications. I awoke truly happy. When my Honey Ray came to pick me up he said that I didn’t even look like I had gone through surgery. At first I thought that it was because the surgery center had allowed me to wear makeup but that wasn’t it. I was genuinely glowing. I was so happy that my 11 month ordeal was coming to a close. You see I had great faith in my surgeon and his staff and I knew that everything was going to turn out great.

The day after surgery I began putting weight on my right foot. The next day I drove to the store. Today I tackled steps and an incline going up and down both with ease. Although there has been some discomfort I am doing amazingly well. Unless some type of complication arises I will be back at work Monday afternoon.

I am sure that by now you are wondering why I am telling you about my foot. On Monday I decided that my foot adventure was going to be part of my blog this week. I believe that this adventure of mine may be able to help some of you that are struggling with this course. Most people go into surgery filled with dread. They are scared of something bad happening, scared of the pain after surgery and maybe scared that they may not survive. As we have learned in MKMMA you get what you give. If you are convinced that something bad will happen to you it will. If you are convinced that something good will happen it will. Is it a coincidence that I am doing so well? I know for sure that it is not.

As I stated I was so happy to have this done. It is really no different from doing a presentation that you do not want to do or speaking with your boss about a problem that you would rather not discuss. It doesn’t matter what it is that you prefer not to do. You just have to do it and know that it is all going to be fine. Be happy about the things that scare you. You will get through it and you are going to do great. I believe that there is greatness in each and every one of you. Knock off that cement and let your Golden Buddha shine!!

Mark and Davene have asked us to have faith in what they are teaching us. For some of us that like to control things this has been a bit of a challenge. I have no doubt that they truly believe that they are helping us to learn wonderful things. Things that could potentially have a major impact on each and every one of our lives. Things that would impact our world and the world of those around us. For some people in this class they had early breakthroughs. For others it took a bit longer. For some it doesn’t seem to have happened yet. I have to ask why there is such a variance.

I believe that it all comes down to faith. Some of us have more and some of us have less. I believe that the other thing is permission. Did I gave the surgeon permission to remove the nerve from my foot or did I give myself permission to have the nerve removed from my foot? I think that this is an interesting question. There are people in the medical industry that can fix many things. We are generally eager to get rid of something that is causing us pain whether it is physical, mental or emotional pain. We have given the medical professionals permission to change physical features on our bodies, remove clogs in arteries, remove tumors, replace joints. The list goes on and on.

To most people this is acceptable. Being physically, mentally and emotionally pain-free is a very reasonable request. This is something that everyone should be able to have. If we are so willing to cut out the things that are causing us pain why do we hold on to the painful things that cannot be surgically removed. Things such as fear. I have read many blogs since this class began. It amazes me that so many of my classmates are still afraid to do the things that they know that they must do.

I wish that I could wave a magic wand over every one of you and make the fear go away. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand that can do this for you. You have to do it yourself. It is time for you to give yourself permission to give up your fears. I believe in you. You need to believe in yourself. It is time to do the Superman or Wonder Woman Pose. You’ve got this and you are about to begin the amazing adventure that is the rest of your life.

Have a wonderful week my MKMMA friends!!

Week 18 Master Key

This has been my week of re-evaluation. I have always considered myself to be a keen observer of things that are going on around me. Something has changed in me. I seem to now be a super keen observer. I think that it is because I truly care about those around me. I believe that some of these things have been going on for a while. Maybe I was just so caught up in my own little world that I did not take the time to notice these things. This is what I have observed this week.

There are many people who look downright drained of their energy. There is much frustration and heartache. People seem to be in a state of despair. There are those who are combative because someone else does not agree with their views. This is only a small part of the world. I have been trying daily to find the good things that are going on. In my previous blog I wrote about playing The Glad Game. Always finding a reason to be glad even if something happened that was not good.

Today I read an article about a nanny that gave up part of her liver so that the little girl who was in her care would live. I read about a little girl that was dying from cancer that wanted a cat. Her parents got a cat for her from a local rescue. The cat provided comfort for the child before she died and is now providing comfort for her grieving parents. I also read about a company called Love Your Melon. They are an apparel company that is dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America and supporting the fight against pediatric cancer.

I am finding wonder and amazement in how much good there truly is in the world. We are so conditioned to hearing bad news and seeing it on television that I think that we become jaded. The other part of my discover has been in reading obituaries. I live in Orange County in Southern California. Our local paper has at least 20 obituaries in the Sunday Edition. Some are just a few lines and some are as big as 1/8 of the page. In a newspaper with such a large amount of readers I am sure that these obituaries can be quite costly to put in this newspaper. Regardless of the amount of words written each of these people was loved by someone or many someones.

The more obituaries I read the more I want to change some things in my world. There are parts of my life that are truly wonderful and there are parts that need some improvement. Some things have gotten pushed aside due to lack of time. This week the reading was changed to Scroll V. The whole scroll is about living each day as if it is your last. Not looking back at yesterday and not looking forward to tomorrow. It made me think an awful lot about things that I am doing in my life. Things that get pushed off to the next day or the following week. Time that has been wasted on regrets from the past. Idle time reading something obscure on the computer. These things must all change in my world immediately.

What if this was truly my last day on this planet? Would I regret how my last day went? Would the love of my life Ray know how important he has been to me and how much I truly love him? Would my family, friends and co-workers know how much they were loved and appreciated by me? Honestly I do not have the answer to these questions. What I do know is that from this day forward I will make sure that I have no regrets, that the people who are in my world know how important they are to me, and that those that I love never think for one minute that I have anything but love in my heart for them.

This has been a wonderful journey being part of MKMMA. I have enjoyed reading the blogs of others and watching their journeys unfold. We have lost some along the way. Hopefully they will rejoin us in the future. For those of us that remain we will do wonderful things in this world. We know that the world without comes from the world within. What are you going to do to make your world without something truly amazing and wonderful?

Until next week…

Week 17 Hero’s Journey Master Key

The week of obituaries and The Glad Game. This week has been a highly emotional week for me. Typically the end of January each year brings an assortment of emotions for me. In January 2004 I was coming to grips with the end of my Mother’s life. She had dealt with breast cancer for 12 years and was winding down her journey on this earth. The assignment of reading the obituaries daily has made me think of my Mom who also happens to be my Hero.

My Mom had what I call the Pollyanna outlook on life. She was always finding the positive in every situation. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer she took everything in stride. She resigned herself to the fact that the mastectomy was necessary. I flew to Ohio from California to be with my Mom for her surgery. On the way there I had a layover in Dayton, Ohio. There was a massive snow storm and I got delayed and was not going to be able to see my Mom before she went into surgery. I called the hospital and one of the Angel Nurses took the phone to my Mom so that we could speak before she went into surgery. I assured her that everything was going to be alright and that I would be there when she woke up. I kept my promise. My Mom told me later on how grateful she was that we were able to speak before her surgery.

The day after surgery the surgeon came in and spoke with my Mom. He informed her that she would need an oncologist and that chemotherapy was necessary. This was one of the only times that I ever saw my Mom cry in her lifetime. I hugged her and told her that everything was going to be alright. She told me that she thought that having the mastectomy was going to be the end of the cancer journey and that the thought of chemotherapy caught her off guard. It took her a few hours and she slowly began to adjust to the idea of the chemotherapy.

Dr. Vincent Anku entered my Mom’s world. He was an amazing oncologist with an high survival rate for his patients. Dr. Anku saw something in my Mom that maybe she did not initially see in herself. Dr. Anku was writing a book for cancer patients. He wanted this book to be easy for anyone to read. He enlisted my Mom’s help with this. She poured over each chapter and made the suggestions that she felt were needed. Dr. Anku did not ask any of his other patient’s for their opinions on his book. He put a dedication to my Mom at the beginning of his book titled Hope at Last in Cancer Treatment. Maybe he saw that Pollyanna outlook too just like I did.

My Mom also volunteered to have the students at the hospital speak with her and learn about her condition. She wanted to help in any way that she could so that maybe someone else would not have to go through what she was going through. I remember the first time that she lost her hair because of the chemotherapy treatments. She told me that she had looked at her bald head and decided that she had a very nice shape to her head. I took her wig shopping and we waited for the day for her hair to start growing back.

After chemotherapy your hair can grow back differently than it previously was. It could be a different color or texture. It could be curly instead of straight. My Mom hoped for brown curly hair but got gray straight hair. She joked that the next time that her hair fell out it would come back in just the the way that she wanted it to.

She called me up before her first radiation treatment to inform me that she had just gotten her first tattoo. The tattoo was three dots in a triangular pattern so that her radiation treatments would always be in the same spot. When I went back to visit her I went with Mom to her radiation appointment. She proudly showed me the machine that was saving her life. She wanted me to see it so that I wouldn’t be afraid.

My Mother’s cancer went into remission and came back a few times. Each time Dr. Anku was there to help her though it.While Dr. Anku was helping people deal with their cancer he was also helping AIDS patients in Africa. In 2003 Dr. Anku decided to retire and sold his practice. Mom was not at all happy with the new oncologist. She felt like she was not being taken care of in the same manner. After a few months she found a new oncologist but unfortunately the news was not good. I was with both of my parents when they got the news that Mom had less that six months to live.

Mom and I sprung into action. I wanted to make sure that she had exactly the type of funeral that she wanted. We discussed everything down to the dress that she was to be buried in and the types of flowers that she did and did not want. I found how how she wanted to be remembered. She did not want to talk about what she had endured or the length of her illness. She referred to cancer as something that she dealt with as best she could. She was very adamant that the minister was not to ask if anyone wanted to say anything about my Mom. She felt that funerals were uncomfortable enough and she did not want anyone to be put on the spot. I assured her that I would take care of everything.

In March of 2004 my Mother passed away. The funeral was just as she had requested. I personally greeted every single person who came to pay their respects. I wanted everyone to know how much they were appreciated and how happy my Mom would be to know that they were there. Most of all I wanted them to feel welcome and not the least bit uncomfortable.

As I spoke with her friends and coworkers the theme was always the same. They said that my Mom always looked for the good in people and found the positive in every situation. My brothers and I were so blessed to have this amazing woman as our Mother. The rest of the people were blessed that she was part of their lives.

On Sunday in honor of my Mom I read the book Pollyanna. For those of you are are unfamiliar with this book it was written in the early 1900s. It is about a little girl whose Mother and siblings have died. Her Father has also recently passed away. She is being sent to live with her maiden Aunt in Vermont. The Aunt decides to raise her out of obligation or duty rather than out of love for the child. Pollyanna is a very happy child and is always glad about everything. Before her Father died he taught her The Glad Game. He told Pollyanna that there was always something to be glad about no matter what the situation was. Amazing transformations begin to occur because of Pollyanna and her Glad Game.

On Monday I began playing The Glad Game to honor my Mom’s memory. I cannot tell you how many lives I have touched this week. Happy people became happier. Grouchy people became less grouchy. I saw other people passing their happiness on. I am going to continue to play the game and hope that you will all join me. In case you are interested in reading Pollyanna’s story here is the link for the book:


Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I wish you all a week filled with happiness and joy!!

Week 17 Master Key

When I originally wrote out my 13 weeks of the Franklin Makeover I chose to be aware of imagination for this week. I changed that at the beginning of this week to be on the lookout for those taking initiative. I felt that this would be a slightly easier task. Mark J said that as we go through each week that it would become easier to spot these things. Moving my quest for imagination farther down the line made sense to me. Hence I decided to make it an easy week for myself. Boy was I surprised.

I am very good at taking initiative. I set my mind on doing something and make it happen. There was no surprise there. The surprise came in trying to find others taking initiative. This was extremely hard to find. I looked everywhere and found very little this week. It seems that people are content to let others think for them. It didn’t matter the age or occupation of the person. It just seems to be a general condition of the world right now.

I thought about this long and hard. What has happened to our world? Why are people content to be led around and told how to act and what to think? I pondered these questions for a while and this is what I came up with. We are in the age of social media. This can be wonderful or it can be terrifying. There are those that want their five minutes of fame and use social media for that. There are others who have been burned by social media. Lives have been destroyed by social media. People have taken their lives after being bullied on social media. Simple phrases have been taken out of context and scrutinized by others. The worth of an individual can be shattered by one shameful act that is put out into the world.

The other part is reality television. Society has gravitated to looking for the worst in people rather than looking for the best in them. People celebrate when others fail and are thrilled to put others down. They cheer when fights break out on the Jerry Springer show or when a celebrity has a fall from grace. The bigger the shock factor the higher the ratings. This is not the world into which I was born and this is not how I choose to live my life.

On my quest for taking initiative I found that the people of this world respond extremely well to kindness. It is as if kindness gives them permission to take the initiative. They feel safe and secure and are willing to take the risk with you if you have shown them some kindness. This is amazing to me. Once I realized this I put my new course of action into play. Everyone that I was kind to stepped up to the plate and starting taking initiative. I could tell that they really wanted to please me. It did. It pleased me very much. I returned the favor by genuinely thanking them for what they had done for me. As we parted ways everyone seemed happy including me. Both of our days were a bit brighter all because of a small act of kindness.

Be kind to others and see the amazing things that happen. Have a beautiful and blessed week!!